About Cem Ulger

I had photography as a hobby for decades starting with b/w folding cameras since my preteen. I used various camera brands and gears within years. I had a dark room set-up at home for years until color photo prints started to be used widely. My profession let me grasp and utilize digital photography particularly on the image processing. I traveled to take photos in ancient ruins in Anatolia and I particularly selected destinations accordingly. I still have “must visit” draft list in my mind and thrilled to accomplish them one by one. I like landscape photography and shoot in every occasion in different cities and countries I visited.

After storing thousands of pics in my computer’s hard disk for years, I decided to share the selected pics with the short description or story of the image or place in my pics blog. Well, I don’t want to take your time with historic details, but at least couple of words to share with you. I just wanted to show places through my eyes behind my camera and address the question of “What can you see in ….., if you visit there”

I hope you enjoy it.

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