Basilica Cistern Pics – What can you see in Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

The Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarayi or Yerebatan Sarnici in Turkish) was built in the 6th century. The cistern provided a water filtration system for the Great Palace of Constantinople and other buildings, and continued to provide water to the Topkapi Palace after the Ottoman conquest in 1453 and into modern times. Pictures are shot in 2009 and 2012. For more pics about Istanbul please click the link.

The cistern was used as a location for the 1963 James Bond film “From Russia with Love“. In the film, it is referred to as being constructed by the Emperor Constantine, with no reference to Justinian, and is located under the Soviet consulate. Here is the related part of the movie with Sean Connery.