Chora Church Pics – What Can You See in Chora Museum

Chora Museum mosaics

Chora Church or Chora museum also known as Kariye Camii in Turkish.

Chora church or museum is located in Edirnekapi neighborhood of Istanbul. Building is located outside of the old city walls. The original church was a Greek Orthodox church and built in the early 5th century. The oldest and finest surviving Byzantine mosaics and frescoes cover interior of the building. Majority of the mosaics dates from 1077-1081. These mosaics are very well preserved and the most beautiful examples of the Byzantine art. Details of mosaics are amazing. It must be very difficult to visualize an image and build it using little mosaic stones with all details. The scenes in the museum is from life of Jesus.

Chora museum is not located in the old town named Sultanahmet, like the other ancient structures. So it is not well known but must be a destination for those who visit Istanbul. It is not easy to find, in the narrow streets of old Istanbul. But worth to try. Pictures below are my shots during one of my visit to Chora. The church was converted to mosque during the Ottoman era and It became a museum in 1948. I have selected those Chora Museum pics from my collection. They are shot in 2008.

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